14 Mar

Technology is a beautiful thing.  Without the miracle of the internet, keeping in touch with family while traveling would be challenging, if not impossible. Skype has changed everything.  I have nothing but praise and thanks for the inventors of Skype.  If it weren’t for Skype my mom would still be back home thinking that I’m living in Australia without any teeth.

Yes.  You read correctly.  Teeth.  For some reason on multiple occasions when I video chat my mother on Skype she ends our conversation with, “Well it was so good to see you, make sure you look healthy and still have all your teeth.”  Apparently living life on the road equates to losing your teeth.  I have reminded her that they sell toothbrushes and floss in Australia and I even still wear my retainer at nights.  So yes, all my teeth are still in my mouth.

Skyping with parents is a wonderful and ridiculous thing.  I assume it is because they are old, but I’m sure they would say differently.

I skyped with my dad last week.  He told me at least 8 times that I look completely exhausted (I had just woke up) and told me 5 to 6 times that I looked like I had dreadlocks (again, just woke up).  Each comment was followed by my mom telling me not to worry, that I look great, so ignore my father.

Aside from the insults and compliments on my appearance, my parents really enjoy commenting on the scenery and noises in the background.  I spend 75% of the conversation explaining that the sound they hear are birds outside my window or my housemates talking in the other room or that the thing behind me is not a cane, its a mirror and the thing hanging on the mirror is not underwear, its a hat.

It’s really fun when I’m skyping from a public computer, in a mall or an internet cafe.  Someone will walk by behind me and they ask me who it is…  I have no idea who it is.

And despite that we have been skyping for years now I still spend a few minutes of each conversation letting them know that I am skyping from a computer.  Not a phone, not my kindle and not my ipod shuffle.

I’m not sure if my parents look in mirrors very often but every time I talk to them they comment on their appearance in the video, Dad: “Geesh I look old, who is that guy!?” Mom: “Yikes. whats going on with my hair.”

I supposed I shouldn’t expect anything else.  Computer skills aren’t exactly my parents forte.  The most recent communication my mom and I had via Facebook was a comment she left on a picture I was tagged in that said “Snowed here last night, very pretty.”

Even with the technical difficulties, strange comments and absurd questions I appreciate Skype more than anything.  Because of it, my mom knows I have teeth and I know that they are the same weird and wonderful parents as when I left.


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