Grown ups.

3 Mar

As I look around at my friends and housemates taking tequila shots and bong hits.  I am struck by a realization that it has happened.  Myself (to a smaller extent) and my peers and friends have made the transition into being “grown-ups”.  Unfortunately the tequila and marijuana are not to blame.  It is mostly a situational kind of thing.  We certainly didn’t choose to do this whole growning up thing.  Its just happened and we are attempting to handle it as best we can.  This basically means we can handle it poorly or we can handle it really poorly.  So cross your fingers, take a shot and pray for something better than the worst.

It has been interesting to observe “grown-ups” being created before my eyes.  It is actually frightening to realize that soon the entire world will soon be run by my irresponsible and continuously confused peers.

One of my housemates is in the process of planning and building a bridge in Sydney.  He holds the lives of millions of people who will eventually drive over that bridge in his hands.  And yet I sit next to him as he unwinds from a long day at work to throw back a couple dozen beers.

Another guy, when asked what he’s been up to lately…has been delivering babies.  He literally is catching and then holding lives in in hands.  It doesn’t seem possible this guy, who gets drunk and dances all weekend long goes to work on Monday and brings a bunch of gifts of life into the world.

Whether it is designing and planning explosions at mine sites or importing products into China, I blinked and everyone transformed into mysterious and elusive “grown-up.”

I had always had an idea of what a “grown up” should be and what they should do.  It usually involved less drinking, less drama, fewer tears, more high heels and suits, less confusion, more fancy dinners, less cans of tuna, less wondering what the heck I’m doing with my life and more just innately knowing the path I’m supposed to take.

I was wrong.  As far as I can tell, my thoughts on “grown-up-hood” were not just slightly skewed, they were entirely backwards.

Thankfully its not just me.  Even my peers with their high paying and high profile jobs are in a state of confusion.  This whole “grown-up” thing sneaks up, hits hard and I don’t think its lives up to anyone’s expectations.

I’m beginning to realize that these so-called grownups may not actually exist.  The world isn’t run by perfect and emotionless robots who call themselves grown-ups.  It is run by a bunch of goofy kids disguised in adult bodies just trying hard not to mess up.


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