Easiest move ever.

15 Feb

Immediately following my last post concerning the amount of stuff that Charlotte and I had accumulated, we were required to move out of our quaint studio apartment.  A few nights later we were a few drinks in when we agreed to move into a soon to be empty room in a house of six boys aged 23 to 28.  Some might view the move as a downgrade but due to the apartment cockroach nest in our walls and the every evening vacuum of the cockroaches, the move has a been a step up.

In most moving situations, some thought and planning is required.  When to move, when to pack, when to pay, and how to go about the whole thing.  However, if one is lucky enough to find themselves living a permanently temporary existence then a severe lack of planning is not only inevitable but preferable.

The new place is only about a ten minute walk from the old place but if you read the last post, you know we had lots of stuff to carry.  And being someone who would rather break a grocery bag full of eggs and milk than take two trips from the car to the house, I knew we needed something more than our backpacks to aid in the move.  So we “borrowed” a shopping cart then spent about three hours piling all of our stuff into the cart and cleaning our apartment.  Voila!  Packed.  Now for the moving.

DSCF5824                          DSCF5825

For some inexplicable reason, every single shopping cart in Australia is drunk.  The carts all prefer to be pushed sideways rather than straight.  All four wheels turn 90 degrees and the cart rotates. So, with one beer in hand and a six pack in the cart, we began the uphill battle, pushing the cart not from the handle bar but from the grated side.

Just as we began to pick up speed a bump in the sidewalk came out of nowhere.  The cart went flying, we went flying and everything inside the cart went flying.  Luckily our beers remained upright.

The rest of the move was fairly uneventful. We got a few strange stares and a taxi driver laughing and pointing at us.  When we arrived at our new home we were obviously too tired to actually unpack, so we rolled the shopping cart into our room and parked it next to the bed.

Move complete.


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